Fall 2014 Workshop Schedule


Writing Concisely: How to be Brief for Busines
with Prof. Julie Moore
Monday, September 8, 4-5 p.m., Tyler 106

Prof. Julie Moore, Director of the Writing Center, will teach you how to write clear, concise prose for business documents. In a field where wordiness and awkwardness can mean the difference between success and failure, business requires strong writing skills. This workshop is likewise accessible to and useful for any major needing to master concision and clarity in writing.
APA Workshop
with Courtney Raymond & Joella Gerber
Monday, September 15, 4-5 p.m., Tyler 106
Writing center consultants Courtney Raymond, an applied communications major, and Joella Gerber, a psychology major, will walk you through the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, sixth edition. Especially geared for majors in communications, criminal justice, education, exercise and sports science, nursing, psychology, and social work, this workshop is intensive and in-depth.

Little Women Book Discussion
with Dr. Michelle Wood
Monday, September 29, 7-8 p.m., Stoney Creek Roasters

Come, join us for coffee and lively discussion about Louisa May Alcott’s beloved classic, the historical moment in which it was written, and its contemporary resonance. Share your favorite parts of the story, raise questions, and enjoy the pleasure of a book well written. Dr. Wood, whose expertise in American women writers will provide valuable insights, will facilitate the discussion, but your enriching input is greatly desired!


Surveying the Landscape: How to Write a Literature Review
with Joella Gerber and Hannah Brown
Monday, October 6, 4-5 p.m., Tyler 106

Writing center consultants Joella Gerber and Hannah Brown, both psychology majors, will teach the basic guidelines for writing a literature review. Especially geared for majors such as allied health, athletic training, communications, education, pharmacy, and psychology, this workshop is detailed and will walk you through the steps of writing this highly specialized, discipline-specific essay. Bring your literature review assignments and research with you.

Walden Book Discussion
with Dr. Scott Calhoun
Monday, October 27, 7-8 p.m., Beans 'n Cream

Take a break from living on-the-fly and reacting to the moment and visit "the woods" with Henry David Thoreau by discussing his classic work Walden with English professor Dr. Calhoun. Thoreau said, "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." He said many more things too, inspiring the likes of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and millions more who have valued a season of contemplation and essential living as preparation for cultural engagement. Join us for a lively conversation about Walden by sharing your favorite parts of his book and by asking questions about the work and life of this pencil-maker turned American philosopher. You'll come away with a better appreciation for the woods, you'll be better equipped to follow your path, and you'll get a souvenir paper model replica of Thoreau's cabin to take home and build yourself.


Writing Papers with a Clear Conscience: How to Paraphrase Information & Avoid Plagiarism
with Prof. Julie Moore
Monday, November 3, 4-5 p.m., Tyler 106

Prof. Julie Moore, Writing Center Director, will teach you one of the most important skills of research writing: How to synthesize other authors’ ideas into your own words and style of writing. The workshop also covers what constitutes plagiarism and how to appropriately document borrowed language and ideas. If you’re working on a research paper this semester, this is a must-attend workshop. In fact, bring your research notes and rough drafts with you, and Mrs. Moore will be glad to field your questions in the last ten minutes of the workshop.

Writing a Personal Statement for Graduate School
with Prof. Isaac Mayeux
Monday, November 17, 4-5 p.m., Tyler 106

Prof. Isaac Mayeux, Assistant Writing Center Director, will teach students applying for graduate school how to write their personal statements. Prof. Mayeux will focus on basics like clarity and correctness but also will emphasize the way to distinguish one’s application from hundreds of others.

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