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Discount off Summer Tuition

March 23, 2015

Summer School 2015 tuition prices were just announced, and we are excited to be able to provide a 15% discount off regular fall/spring tuition rates on all summer classes!  This price applies to May Session, June Session, online courses, non-traditional courses, and the cost of tuition for a Summer Academic Trips course.  Summer is a great time to complete general education courses, save money, and potentially reduce your student’s time to graduation! Tuition this summer will be $699 per credit hour. For more information, visit our Summer School website.

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A Letter from a Parent

March 16, 2015

Dear Parent,

Cedarville University has a Parent Council that provides feedback and support for the University. Below is a letter from one of its members.

We have had two children, Seth and Austin graduate from Cedarville University, and we have a third, Alicia, who is currently a sophomore. Our experience with Cedarville started much earlier, however, where we took a group from our church to Junior Jam. This gave not only our children but those from our church a firsthand look at the University.

All of our children have been truly blesses by the Cedarville experience in a number of ways. The everyday chapel service is one of the ways they have been blessed. Knowing that they are being fed by not only quality faculty and staff members, but also from outstanding outside speakers, has been a blessing as well.

The personal attention they received from the professors has been phenomenal. I know firsthand that in a public university this is not even in the realm of their thinking, so this also something that we consider a blessing. The opportunity for job placement has been top-notch as well, and the high-quality educational experience is recognized in the career field. The leadership of Cedarville University is rock solid. We have experienced two Presidents, and both have been absolutely great for the University at the right time. God’s plan is being played out and it is very apparent at Cedarville. The friendships that have been made are also something we feel are a blessing. These relationships will last a lifetime.

We strongly recommend Cedarville to anyone looking for a quality, Christ-centered choice for their child. It will be life –changing experience. 

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Chapel at Cedarville

March 9, 2015

The heartbeat of Cedarville University is our commitment to the study and practice of the Word of God. The outgrowth of this commitment is that chapel is the cornerstone for student life. Students, faculty and staff set aside the ten o'clock hour five days a week to gather with the Word of God at the center of our attention. The purpose of chapel is to provide the following three priorities in a manner that is driven by the Word of God: 1) Scripturally driven preaching and teaching, 2) Scripturally grounded musical worship, and 3) Scripturally transformed community.

Preaching: Chapel is a priceless opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to reorient their lives on a consistent basis around the Word of God. Students will have opportunity to hear from top-flight speakers known for their faithfulness in preaching text-driven sermons. Additionally, Cedarville faculty and staff shepherd the community of students through expositional preaching and teaching and engaging cultural issues faithfully.

Worship: Chapel worship is biblically grounded, congregational-oriented, and committed to drawing our attention Godward. Musical worship is likewise engaging, with a variety of musical styles with leadership from students, faculty, and staff.

Community: Chapel provides a unique opportunity for the Cedarville family to gather on a daily basis under common teaching through preaching and musical worship. This common experience provides the unity of a biblically grounded community among students, faculty, and staff.

I encourage you to follow along with chapel at the link below and to pray for our students as God works in their lives through chapel.

 Chapel Video Archives

Today's posted was penned by Jon Wood, Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries.

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