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How to Encourage your Student

March 2, 2015

Cedarville University has a Parent Council that provides feedback and support for the University. Below is a letter from one of its members.

I am feeling a bit neglectful. I started something when my firstborn entered his freshman year at Cedarville University. I continued the tradition during his second year and my second son’s first year. I did it for each of them. Then I kind of stopped. Like most things, life got in the way. But I want to begin again. I found a way to encourage and express my heart to my boys, letting them know I was thinking about them. I wrote them letters. Not emails, or texts, or snap chats, but old-fashioned, handwritten, placed-in-an-envelope letters.

I did this originally at the encouragement of someone speaking during freshman orientation. I was able to find a time most weeks to write a one- or two-page handwritten note. I quickly learned that the letter could not contain anything time sensitive. (Often they did not check their mailboxes for a week!) And I tried hard not to nag in the letter because I never wanted them to dread seeing a letter from dad. I used the letters to encourage, entertain, and just stay connected. The letters were from me and I wanted them to be a casual conversation.

So I want to encourage you to write letters. Maybe not every week, but write. I’m going to let this be my resolution to stop neglecting it and get back to it. After all, next year I will have three to write when my daughter starts college.

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Missions Strategy

February 23, 2015

Missions is an indispensible part of the student experience at Cedarville. The emphasis we give to missions is propelled by two facts that impact how we think about our priorities as an institution. Those two facts are the Gospel and the state of the world. The Bible teaches the Gospel is the news that all people have sinned and are condemned because of sin, but that God initiated redemption for us and has accomplished this redemption through the atonement of His own blood in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. This news of the Gospel is beautiful, but it is only good news if it gets there in time. That is where the state of the world comes in. Of the approximately 7 billion people on earth, it is estimated there are over 2 billion who have no access to the Gospel. We think it is important to mobilize students to use their God given interests, skills, and education to live strategically for the sake of the lost being reached with the Gospel. One way we seek to prepare students to give, go, pray and mobilize for missions is through encouraging all students to take a mission trip before they graduate. We work with partners around the world to open opportunities for students to engage in God’s work. I am excited to share with you one new partnership our Global Outreach department has established working with unreached people groups in the nation of Turkey. I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this video to see what God is doing. 

View the video on Turkey ยป

Today's posted was penned by Jon Wood, Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries.

Airport Transportation Update

February 4, 2015

We are excited to announce our new online system for Airport Transportation registration. We have been working to make our system as convenient and flexible as possible and we will now be processing shuttle registration through Square. Navigate to our Square Store today to register for Spring Break Transportation!

We are also updating the Airport Transportation page on Cedarville’s website to have all the information you need to know about using our Airport Transportation service. The Airport Transportation site is currently being updated and will be available soon. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you through Airport Transportation!

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