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Getting Started 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Parents,

In less than two weeks you will be here on our campus assisting your student in registering for the 2014-2015 academic year. Whether this is your first time or last time experiencing the Getting Started program at Cedarville University, our goal is to make this a memorable time that glorifies our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of us here at Cedarville University are eager to welcome you to campus. Please see the helpful links below for more details about Getting Started. If you have any questions, feel free to call Student Life Programs at (937) 766-7955.

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The Getting Started Experience

July 28, 2014

Today's post is written by Victoria, a 2014 graduate of Cedarville University. She graduated this past May with a degree in social work and is working this summer in the Student Life Programs office.

As your son or daughter begins his or her college experience, moving to a new location and only knowing a few people can be a big transition. I experienced that when I made the trek from Iowa to Cedarville four years ago. We are busy planning Getting Started Weekend and are getting excited for our new students to arrive. Getting Started Weekend allows students and parents to get to know the Cedarville culture. There are many seminars and workshops throughout the weekend to help students prepare for the next four years.

I still remember Getting Started Weekend from my freshman year. My small group was a great way to meet other freshman. My RA was very encouraging, and the girls in my hall welcomed me with open arms. I met the girl who would be my roommate for the next three years at the New Student Party. The various events throughout the first week helped acquaint me with campus life.  We had a beach ball volleyball tournament the weekend after Getting Started; getting to dress up in costumes, playing large group games, and meeting my brother unit were some of the highlights from that event that helped me build relationships, relax, and have fun.

Getting Started Weekend was a great launching pad for my next four years at Cedarville University. I’m thankful for the time and effort the University puts into the weekend, and I’m honored to be a part of that process this year. We can’t wait for you to get here so you can experience it yourself!

Helpful Getting Started Links:

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Global Outreach 3

July 16, 2014

Turkey Update

June 17th, 2014: Olive Grove (Youth Ministry) has been great!  The team is doing really well; I am so proud of them.

Thank you for your prayers! If you think of it, pray for our strength, as we’ve had a busy schedule, and us to have a love for the students and wisdom to answer their questions. A lot of them have lived in multiple places and are struggling with things I have never experienced, which have made mentoring hard at times.

Uganda Update:

June 22nd, 2014: We have spoken in seven schools and shared the Gospel to over 3,000 students. We have had over 100 people make decisions for Christ! Everyone is doing well.

June 28th, 2014: Today we visit our second orphanage and tonight we will have a celebration dinner with all our African friends. This week we were in eight schools. In total we have shared the Gospel with 7, 325 students and have seen 773 first-time decisions for Christ.

Paraguay Update:

June 24th, 2014: In case you didn’t know, the official title for Dr. Jeff’s program is Training in medical Evangelism (TIME). This has been the most extensive, hands-on, and holistic medical experience I’ve ever had. We’ve already had many opportunities to check vital signs and blood sugar, observe ultrasounds and eye exams, and perform diagnostic urine analysis and 12-lead EKGs. The people of Yaitaity respect Jeff as a trustworthy doctor and are happy to listen to the Bible story he shares each morning.  His medical ministry has opened so many doors to begin relationships and Bible study groups in the un-reached, nominal Catholic area.

June 30th, 2014: Here are a few aspects of Paraguay that I’ve fallen in love with and will surely miss.

  • The people. It has been a joy to become a member of a Paraguayan family. We will forever have a second home in the small village of Yaitaity, Paraguay. We have loved getting to know each other’s families, the SIM Paraguay missionary families, and the church body.
  • The atmosphere/culture. The most commonly used word to describe the Paraguayan culture is “trankilo”, meaning tranquil. The way of life in Paraguay is slow-placed and relaxed (definitely contrary to many of our North American lives). One of our main ministries has been building relationships, which has been a blast.
  • The McKissick’s. Dr. Jeff has been a masterful teacher in the clinic, and I greatly admire his heart for his patients, his passion for spreading the Gospel, his guidance and leadership as a father and husband, and his passion for medicine. Amy has definitely been a role model for me. She loves the Paraguayan people and makes every effort to show them God’s love. In the home, she is super-mom and wife.

July 6th, 2014: We saw God answer so many prayers. All of us would say that the trip has had a profound impact on our lives, giving us a real-life dose of medical missions. Compassionate holistic health care can open many communities and hearts to the Good News of Christ. We ask that God will continue to use what we’ve learned in our current relationships and influence to make disciples, and that God will guide us in His will as we consider what place medical missions may hold in our futures.

Hungary Update:

June 25th, 2014: Hungary English camp is ministering to about 100 students. Between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Cedarville’s team members teach three sessions, participate in several hours of games and sports, and produce two large-group sessions where we present the Gospel. The pastor speaks in the morning, and the team provides music, skits, and testimonies for both the morning and evening sessions. Dr. Ager provides an evening Bible study, with about 15 are attending. The church people are very active in the programming, which increases the follow-up opportunities. Two of Cedarville’s team members are living with new believers touched by last year’s team. The wife is giving a testimony this evening on her one-year anniversary of coming to Christ. It is a great joy to assist faithful followers of Christ in a church that has an active outreach ministry. We have seen several professions of faith these first two week! The team is passionate and maturing in their faith and cross-cultural skills. Thanks for your prayers. 

To find out more information about our teams, including our team prayer brochure, visit our Global Outreach website.

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