Mission Statement

We exist to serve Cedarville University by providing creative, diverse, and original programming and services that emphasize community development.

We will honor and worship our God with our commitment to Him, each other, exceptional customer service, excellence, and accountability.

Vision Statement

To provide inspiring service and programming that creates a distinctively Christ-centered campus atmosphere that values community, personal responsibility, involvement, and fun.

Bravo Zulu Alliance

All SCAB members are committed to the Bravo Alliance, which hold to the following five pillars:

  • Customer Service
  • TEAM Approach
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Financial Accountability and Stewardship
  • Honoring and Worship God

The Bravo Zulu Alliance is a group of individuals who desire and strive to do their best in all things, while encouraging, challenging, and holding each other accountable to do the same. We do this to glorify and honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.