Help Page Instructions


On the main page, you will find the ten most frequently asked questions. Just click on a link to view the help topic. The "Top 10 Help Pages" will automatically update every time anyone accesses a help page. The navigation buttons on the left of your screen allow you to access other areas of the computer help database. If you know the category for your question, simply click on the navigation button for that software/hardware and all associated help page links will display.


New content will be added to the database on a continual basis, so you will want to check out "Recent Additions" which displays the ten most recent additions to the help pages.


Choose 'Search Help Pages' to search the entire help database by category and/or keyword. All of the topics associated with that category and/or key word will display in a list. Just click on the topic which best addresses your question.

Pass it Along

Each help page offers you the ability to email the content to a friend … or yourself. So if you find something especially useful, pass it along to a co-worker.


At the bottom of each help page is a feedback form which allows you to let us know if the page helped answer your question. If you need additional help beyond what is offered in the help database, please call or email Information Technology using the "Contact Information" provided.