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Current Issue: Fall 2013

In recent years, we’ve seen the health care industry become an expansive force in American culture, politics, and the economy. It has grown more specialized at a time when we, as patients, are increasingly responsible to navigate its complexity on our own. Sometimes help can be found in surprising places.

Pharmacy, as a profession, is responding to the needs and opportunities created by the new health care landscape. Your “friendly neighborhood pharmacist” does much more than stand behind a counter and fill your prescriptions. Pharmacists are taking more active roles in research, medication management, preventive care, education, ethics … and ministry!

This issue of Cedarville Magazine features several faculty members from Cedarville’s School of Pharmacy. Their perspectives help us see the range of health care expertise a trusted pharmacist can provide and how their field is uniquely positioned to share Christ with all who seek healing.

Alumnotes, Fall 2013

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