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Current Issue: Spring 2014

Cedarville University boldly stands “For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.” These words, etched on its seal, reflect the core of Cedarville’s mission. In 1936, President W.R. McChesney urged graduates to “enlarge the power of Cedarville College for the service of fellowmen and the glory of God.” In 1966, President James T. Jeremiah urged students to “give ourselves to the Lord and accomplish the utmost for Him as we serve.” A generation of alumni recall President Paul Dixon’s familiar declaration that everything a Christian does for the Lord should have “quality stamped all over it.” And President Bill Brown championed a Christ-centered education “marked by excellence and grounded in biblical truth.”

With deep respect for Cedarville’s heritage and conviction for its future, President Thomas White is calling a new generation of students to excellence with a Gospel purpose. This special edition of Cedarville Magazine outlines the University’s distinctive approach to Christian higher education. We present both how and why Cedarville’s mission will remain unchanged for years to come.

Alumnotes, Spring 2014

Alumnotes features special information for Cedarville University alumni and their updates, including professional news, weddings, births, and obituaries. Alumnotes is included as an insert in Cedarville Magazine for alumni recipients. As always, you may interact with this content online as well.