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Student Job Descriptions - Campus Recreation

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Climbing Wall Supervisor

Number of Jobs: 3      Available: 0

Responsible for creating a safe and enjoyable climbing environment, teaching belay certification classes, and upholding the climbing wall policies.

Group Cycling Instructor

Number of Jobs: 2      Available: 1

Responsible to plan and lead group cycling classes for our students, faculty, and staff members. Cycling expereince needed and basic knowledge of exercise physiology helpful. Group exercise certification preferred but not required.

Group Exercise Instructor

Number of Jobs: 8      Available: 0

Responsible to plan and lead group exercise classes for our students, faculty, and staff members. Knowledge of exercise physiology and safe exercise routines required. Exercise certification preferred.

Intramural Sports Supervisor

Number of Jobs: 5      Available: 0

Responsible for overseeing the intramural sports games as well as setting up/tearing down from intramural sports activities, supervising game officials and participants, and preparing fields.

Martial Arts Instructor

Number of Jobs: 1      Available: 0

To plan for, and lead, Martial Arts classes for our students, faculty, and staff members.

Rec Center Student Worker

Number of Jobs: 7      Available: 0

The major responsibility of this position is to help keep the Recreation Center clean and orderly. Specific duties include cleaning the fitness machines, vacuuming carpet, sweeping racquetball courts, washing windows, etc.

Recreation Equipment Room Worker

Number of Jobs: 2      Available: 0

Responsible for the operation of the recreation equipment room in the Fitness, Recreation and Health Center by providing customer service information, issuing sports equipment, doing laundry, inspecting equipment and maintaining a clean and organized equipment area. Must be available to work two to three hour shifts between 4:00-11:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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