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Admissions Airport Driver

Number of Jobs: 20      Available: 20

Cedarville University Admissions Drivers provide guests of the Admissions Office excellent service through safe and timely transportation, positive interactions, and effective communication.

Lead Assistant Admissions Counselor

Number of Jobs: 1      Available: 1

Position Title:Lead Assistant Admissions Counselor Report to: Associate Director of Admissions – Recruitment / Senior Admissions Counselor Position concept: The Lead Assistant Admissions Counselor is responsible for assisting his/her Admissions Counselor in the achievement of the assigned recruitment goals. This includes the responsibilities listed below, as well as any other clerical or recruitment-related task considered necessary by the Counselor, Senior Counselor and Associate Director. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Lead a group of Assistant Admissions Counselors under the guidance of a Senior Admissions Counselor. The areas of leadership include: a.Supervise the AAC team b.Liaison to the Associate Director of Admissions c.Organize and manage the ACC bi-weekly meetings d.Promote team unity and maintain morale 2.Lead a group of Personal Assistants under the guidance of an Admissions Counselor. The areas of leadership include: a.Tracking the achievement of weekly and monthly goals b.Responsible for team morale and promoting unity among the team c. Managing the team’s Uversity postings d.Scheduling team meetings e.Delegating assignments as needed to Personal Assistants. 2. Maintain consistent communication and tracking interactions with Admissions Counselor’s students. Those students to be contacted include: A. Highly qualified Ruffalo Codys B. Incomplete applicants C. Non-deposited accepted students D. Financial Aid meeting calls E. Additional calls as needed. 3. Assist the Counselor in his/her travel season preparation. This includes: A. Organizing Counselor’s travel schedule in Excel and CUCMS B. Contacting students in the regions the Counselor is traveling to advertise his/her visit C. Assembling and mailing the needed marketing pieces to high schools 4. Complete the Counselor’s credit card requisitions on a monthly basis. 5. Facilitate on-campus lunches or meetings with prospective students. 6. Prepare and attend bi-weekly meetings. 7. Assist with college fairs, campus visit days and other out-of-office recruitment events. 8. Perform research for projects related to the counselor’s recruitment territory. 9. Assist the counselor and Admissions Department with additional assignments as needed. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Must be able to work at least 9-11 hours a week, with at least two evening shift per week( 6:00-9:00 PM) 2. Excellent communication/listening/telemarketing skills. 3. Detail-oriented and able to stay on task. 4. Has a strong love for prospective students and is passionate about serving this population. 5. Appropriate understanding of the mission of the University. 6. 3.0 GPA or above. 7. Reliable and professional work ethic. 8. Energetic and team-focused. 9. Continued level of competence to maintain position. REQUIRED PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ABILITIES: 1. Must be able to speak through verbal words 2. Must be able to make repetitive motions with wrists, hands, and fingers 3. Must demonstrate the ability to sit for extended periods of time 4. Must demonstrate the ability to function within an office setting 5. Must be able to use a personal computer for correspondence

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