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Student Job Descriptions - Admissions

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Personal Assistant

Number of Jobs: 7      Available: 7

The Personal Assistant is responsible for assisting his/her Admissions Counselor in the achievement of recruitment goals. This includes the following responsibilities, as well as any additional tasks considered necessary by Admissions:

  • Maintaining consistent communication and tracking interactions with prospective students. Forms of communication include phone, e-mail, hand-written mail, and social media. Registering students for campus visits is included. Tracking entails recording interactions in the database.
  • Assisting the Counselor in his/her travel season preparation. This includes organizing the travel schedule in Excel and CUCMS, contacting students to advertise Cedarville's visit, assembling and mailing marketing pieces to high schools.
  • Writing “Thank You for Visiting” postcards on a weekly basis.
  • Completing credit card requisitions on a monthly basis.
  • Performing research related to recruitment.
  • Assist with occasional recruitment events.
  • NOTE: Must be able to work at least 7 hours a week, with at least two evening shifts per week (after 6:00PM.) PA's must have excellent communication-listening-telemarketing skills; the ability to stay on task; a strong love for prospective students; a 3.0 GPA or above; and a reliable-professional work ethic. A continued level of competence must be maintained to retain the position.

    Student Project Assistant

    Number of Jobs: 1      Available: 1

    Primary office functions that include assisting director with appointments, reports and misc Admissions projects. Reports to the Enrollment Coordinator and Director of Admissions. Hours are 8:15am to 9:50am M-F.

    Student Receptionist

    Number of Jobs: 14      Available: 14

    Student responds to incoming calls, guests, and assists other admissions staff as needed. Responsibilities can include: answering admissions calls, forwarding calls to appropriate staff, provide precise and timely information, assist in special projects, and assist guest coordinator as needed. Must be able to maintain the confidentiality of all materials handled in the admissions office. Qualifications: current CU student with a 2.7 GPA, responsible, self motivated, professional, and friendly, excellent telephone answering and receptionist skills, and good keyboarding skills (typing – 40+ wpm). Must be knowledgeable of the University.

    Target Caller

    Number of Jobs: 2      Available: 2

    The Target Caller is a part time position where current students call and connect with prospective students in an effort to qualify a prospective students' interest in Cedarville. Qualifications: Must be able to speak and write clearly and effectively, possess a positive, outgoing personality, and love for Cedarville, learn quickly, be punctual, work as part of a team, possess an above-average knowledge of Cedarville University and its inner workings, possess a truly caring attitude toward prospective students.

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