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Course-Section Inquiry for Fall Semester 2007

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 ENG 1000 01Basic EnglishHogue, Shannah Marie3.0  LEC TYL101 MWF 11:00A-11:50A1523Full
 ENG 1000 02Basic EnglishHogue, Shannah Marie3.0  LEC TYL101 MWF 12:00P-12:50P1516Full
 ENG 1400 01CompositionMesser, Cynthia Kay3.0  LEC TYL106 MWF 08:00A-08:50A2020Full
 ENG 1400 02CompositionMesser, Cynthia Kay3.0  LEC TYL106 MWF 09:00A-09:50A20191
 ENG 1400 03CompositionFutrell, Ryan Laurin3.0  LEC TYL101 MWF 09:00A-09:50A2020Full
 ENG 1400 04CompositionWood, Michelle M.3.0  LEC TYL102 MWF 11:00A-11:50A20155
 ENG 1400 05CompositionFutrell, Ryan Laurin3.0  LEC TYL106 MWF 11:00A-11:50A2020Full
 ENG 1400 06CompositionFaulkner, Melissa S.3.0  LEC LBLL MWF 12:00P-12:50P20812
 ENG 1400 07CompositionFutrell, Ryan Laurin3.0  LEC TYL106 MWF 12:00P-12:50P20911
 ENG 1400 08CompositionWood, Michelle M.3.0  LEC TYL106 MWF 01:00P-01:50P20191
 ENG 1400 09CompositionFaulkner, Melissa S.3.0  LEC LBLL MWF 02:00P-02:50P20182
 ENG 1400 10CompositionEdwards, Laura Lynn3.0  LEC TYL106 MWF 02:00P-02:50P2020Full
 ENG 1400 11CompositionHogue, Shannah Marie3.0  LEC TYL101 MWF 02:00P-02:50P20191
 ENG 1400 12CompositionFaulkner, Melissa S.3.0  LEC TYL101 MWF 03:00P-03:50P20137
 ENG 1400 14CompositionBelliveau, Gregory3.0  LEC TYL106 TR 08:30A-09:45A2020Full
 ENG 1400 15CompositionClark, Daniel D.3.0  LEC TYL101 TR 08:30A-09:45AInstructor Approval Required
 ENG 1400 16CompositionBelliveau, Gregory3.0  LEC TYL101 TR 11:00A-12:15P2020Full
 ENG 1400 17CompositionMoore, Julie3.0  LEC TYL106 TR 11:00A-12:15P2020Full
 ENG 1400 18CompositionClark, Daniel D.3.0  LEC TYL101 TR 12:30P-01:45P20191
 ENG 1400 19CompositionGayer, Cynthia Piper3.0  LEC TYL106 TR 12:30P-01:45P20164
 ENG 1400 20CompositionCorder, Helena N3.0  LEC MIL142 TR 02:00P-03:15P20191
 ENG 1400 21CompositionBelliveau, Gregory3.0  LEC AL107 TR 02:00P-03:15P20173
 ENG 1400 22CompositionClark, Daniel D.3.0  LEC TYL101 TR 02:00P-03:15P20173
 ENG 1400 23CompositionEdwards, Laura Lynn3.0  LEC TYL101 TR 03:30P-04:45P20173
 ENG 1400 24CompositionCorder, Helena N3.0  LEC MIL142 TR 03:30P-04:45P20164
 ENG 1400 25CompositionPorter, Richard W3.0  LEC AL107 TR 03:30P-04:45P20614
 ENG 2210 01Principles of JournalismCalhoun, Scott David3.0  LEC WI215 MWF 09:00A-09:50A251312
 ENG 2230 01Advanced CompositionFutrell, Ryan Laurin3.0  LEC CO380 TR 11:00A-12:15P1616Full
 ENG 2230 02Advanced CompositionFutrell, Ryan Laurin3.0  LEC CO380 TR 12:30P-01:45P1616Full
 ENG 3040 01Creative Writing: PoetryCorder, Helena N3.0  LEC DMC101 MWF 01:00P-01:50P16124
 ENG 3050 01Creative Writing: NonfictionHeath, Kevin3.0  LEC DMC101 TR 12:30P-01:45P16133
 ENG 3060 01The English LanguageCalhoun, Scott David3.0  LEC DMC159 MWF 12:00P-12:50P35287
 ENG 3070 01Advanced Grammar for Secondary English
Clark, Daniel D.3.0  LEC MIL132 MWF 01:00P-01:50P24204
 ENG 3110 01Style & Mechanics for WritersHeath, Kevin3.0  MED TBATBA N TBA - 1596
 ENG 3550 01Writing Center Theory & TrainingMoore, Julie2.0  LEC TYL106 R 02:00P-03:50PInstructor Approval Required
 ENG 3620 01Practicum in JournalismCalhoun, Scott David1.0  LEC TBATBA N TBA - 1028

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