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A Map for Your Student's College Search

September 3, 2014

Cedarville University has officially opened its 2014-2015 webinar series! This series is offered FREE online and is designed for parents of future college students. Each webinar will focus on specific topics that relate to the college search, paying for college, and the life of your student.

The first webinar is scheduled for this coming Monday, September 8. Join us for an engaging discussion about the college search process: “Why Cedarville? Creating a Helpful Framework for Your Student’s College Search.” 

Choosing a college is a big decision and a major investment. Students and parents want to make a fully informed decision, but how do you really measure and compare academic quality, affordability, campus culture, placement results, and the spiritual impact of a college education? Join us as a panel of experts discuss these issues. While the discussion will focus on Cedarville University, the principles presented can apply more broadly to your college decision process.

Registration is now open, so reserve your spot quickly! You don’t want to miss this all-access pass to helping your student navigate the twists and turns of the college search. 

Mark your calendar for Monday, September 8, from 8-9 p.m. (EDT). After registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the webinar online.

The next webinar - scheduled October 13 - will deal with the search for Financial Aid, helping parents and students know where to begin, where to look, and how to apply. Mark your calendar now! More details about this webinar coming soon...

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Understanding Your Financial Aid Award

March 31, 2014

Cedarville University began sending financial aid awards through our electronic notification system (eAwards) in early March. You can now access your student's financial aid package, accept/decline awards, and solidify your financial plan for your student's first year at Cedarville!

Today's post includes a Q&A with commonly asked questions, like: "How will you be notified when your student's Financial Aid eAward is available?" and "What information is provided in the eAward?" 

For most families, financial aid feels like the "big unknown" in the college decision process. Please contact Cedarville's Financial Aid Office if you have questions that go beyond the information this post provides. We are here to serve you!

For those of you anticipating the financial aid process in the future, today's post provides a helpful look ahead to what you can expect!

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Receive More Financial Aid!

March 11, 2014

Now is the time to complete your FAFSA in order for your student to obtain as much financial aid as possible!

Cedarville University (and most other colleges and universities) use the FAFSA to award need-based institutional awards, federal and state grants, and Stafford loans (whether subsidized or unsubsidized).

We want to award students the most generous aid package possible, so please complete your FAFSA and send the results to Cedarville (school code #003025) as soon as possible.

We provide a variety of online resources to help you complete the FAFSA and avoid processing delays. Visit today!

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Reminder: Creating Your Financial Plan Webinar!

March 7, 2014

How will you pay for your student's college education? Let's work through it together!

Remember to join us on Monday, March 10 at 8 p.m. EDT! Cedarville University will offer another practical, informative, and FREE webinar: "Creating Your Financial Plan." During the interactive presentation, we will:

  • Review 2014-2015 costs 
  • Explain the financial aid eAward 
  • Review sample invoices 
  • Consider payment plan options 
  • Discuss budgeting ideas 
  • Suggest creative ways to save on college costs 
  • Answer your questions!

Join Roscoe Smith, Associate Vice President for University Admissions at Cedarville University, from the convenience of your computer, and learn how to create a custom financial plan that can make it possible for your student to attend Cedarville this fall. You won't want to miss our on this informative session! Mark your calender and reserve your webinar seat now!

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