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Religious Freedom Summit Recap

November 5, 2014

Religious Freedom SummitIn today's public square, a critical topic continues to be religious freedom. That is why Cedarville University was excited to host the Religious Freedom Summit in conjunction with The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. On October 9-10, experts from across the United States came to Cedarville to discuss the assault on religious freedom in the United States.

Read today's full post for a recap of the event as well as how you can still "listen in" on the relevant addresses.

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A University's Doctrinal Statement: How Important Is It?

October 13, 2014

Like your local church, Christian colleges all have a statement of beliefs. As you research and visit different institutions with your student, how important is it to consider each college's doctrinal statement?

First, know that a doctrinal statement provides the general framework within which the university will be offering its education. It is a good idea to review the statements (most are posted online) to assure you are comfortable with the direction. Have questions about what you read? This is a great opportunity to involve your pastor to provide insights.

Second, ask Christian universities if their faculty sign the doctrinal statement as a condition of employment. Not all do. Knowing that faculty will be teaching in line with the institution's stated beliefs provides a point of accountability to you as a parent. Are you comfortable that the faculty at the university will uphold the beliefs that are most important to your family?

Photo of Dr. Jason LeeTwo years ago we conducted a study related to parents' use of the Cedarville University website. We made an interesting -- and candidly, unexpected -- finding. Parents were more likely to search terms related to the University's doctrinal commitments and focus on spiritual growth than any other topics. 

In today's post, Dr. Jason Lee, Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies at Cedarville, provides insight about the importance of Cedarville's Doctrinal Statement and how it informs our approach to Christ-centered higher education. Read the the full post here.

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Religious Freedom Summit Available via Live Stream

October 8, 2014

Religious Freedom SummitThis Thursday and Friday, Cedarville University welcomes some of our nation's top Christian thinkers to campus for the Religious Freedom Summit. Faculty, staff, students, and many guests will have the opportunity to attend this important event and be challenged to engage critical issues of religious liberty in our country and abroad. We want to invite you to join the Summit as well!

Because we feel this summit is so important, we are making it available through live stream to those unable to attend the conference in person. The live stream can be accessed on October 9 and 10 at our Religious Freedom Summit website. Check out the Summit schedule and make plans to join us via live stream this Thursday and Friday.  

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Choosing Cedarville and Saying Good-bye: One Parent's Story

October 6, 2014

Photo of Chris and Jamie Brauns

Dr. Chris Brauns, Pastor of The Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley, IL, is the guest contributor for today's Parent Prep post. A parent of a Cedarville freshman, he and his wife Jamie just completed the college search process with their son and now share perspectives on the importance of that decision. Dr. Brauns is an author whose books include Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds. Chris and Jamie have four children including Christopher who is attending Cedarville University.

A few weeks ago my wife, Jamie, and I left our son, Christopher, to begin college at Cedarville University. We smiled for final pictures outside the Dixon Ministry Center. But we cried on the way home. It is a hard transition for parents.

Our emotions didn’t stop once we pulled into our garage. A few days after we left our son at college, I walked into our bedroom and Jamie was quietly emotional. I didn’t have to ask why. We always knew our children would fly away quickly, but it seems as though it has been only a few days rather than 18 years. We picked our baby boy up at the hospital on Monday and he left for college on Friday.

Christopher’s decision to go to Cedarville was the culmination of a long process. Our decision came down to a combination of several key factors...

Read today's full post to learn why Cedarville University is proving to be a great choice for one family and their new college freshman!

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