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Giving Helpful Information

December 9, 2014

For the past three years, Cedarville University has presented a FREE, online webinar monthly during the academic year. The webinar topics included finding financial aid resources, making the most of a campus visit, understanding tax benefits for education, choosing the right college, and navigating the college application process.

Our goal is to link you with information that will be helpful for your college searching questions, while also giving you insight into the Cedarville experience. The Associate Vice President of Admissions, Executive Director of Financial Aid, and Associate Director of Admissions are just a few of the speakers who have shared their knowledge and expertise through these webinar sessions.

Our gift to you this Christmas is access to our webinar archive! In case you have missed a webinar or simply want to re-listen to one, you have access to all of the 2012–2014 webinars. Enjoy utilizing these resources, and stay tuned for the newest webinar coming to you in January — “How to Complete Your FAFSA.”

P.S. As an added gift this Christmas season for students who apply in December, we will waive the $30 application fee and send them our new BE BOLD T-shirt! Are you interested in any of Cedarville's graduate and adult programs? We'll also waive the application fee for those programs in December!

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Register Today for Our "Getting a Job" Webinar

November 7, 2014

Parent Prep WebinarDon't forget to register for our next FREE ParentPrep webinar, "Getting a Job: How Cedarville University Equips Students for a Career...Starting on Day #1." 

Join us from the convenience of your home computer this Monday, November 10, at 8 p.m. EST.

Are you are wondering if a college education is a wise investment for your student? Jeff Reep, Director of Cedarville University Career Services, will tackle this important question. You will learn why Cedarville University is able to attract hundreds of employers to campus annually and, as a result, achieve placement rates that rank among the best. You will also learn how Cedarville's Career Services office works with students to develop their job search skills, beginning as early as their freshman year.

Register nowAfter registering, you will receive easy login instructions.

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Landing Your First Job After College

October 31, 2014


A college education is a significant investment. You need to be confident of the return!

One way to explore a college's "ROI" is to research its career services and job placement rates. What is happening on campus to equip students for their next step AFTER college?

We've designed a FREE webinar to help you learn more about Cedarville University's Career Services and how that team assists students with the job search process ... starting their freshman year!

Join us Monday, November 10, at 8 p.m. EST for our next Parent Prep webinar entitled, "Getting a Job: How Cedarville University Equips Students for a Career...Starting on Day #1."

Read today's full post to learn more about this exciting webinar presented by Jeff Reep, Director of Career Services at Cedarville, as well as register to attend.

P.S. Today is the last day of October ... and the last day of our October application fee waiver. Encourage students to submit their application by midnight tonight and save the $30 application fee. If you refer a student, YOU will receive a free Cedarville T-shirt!

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BFF's and Mean Girls...A Secret Keeper Girl Webinar

October 20, 2014

Surviving Mean Girls and BFFs Webinar GraphicOn January 26, 2015, Cedarville University will once again welcome best-selling author, Dannah Gresh, founder of Secret Keeper Girl and Pure Freedom Ministries (not to mention a Cedarville alumna), as our guest presenter for a webinar entitled, "Raising Kids to be Sexually Pure in College." As a Mom, Dannah has a heart for tween and teen girls, helping them navigate the sometimes rough waters of modesty, purity, and BFF's. 

Because Dannah's Pure Freedom ministry is a good friend and partner with Cedarville University, we wanted to pass along information about another free webinar that Dannah will be offering this week on the topic of BFF's and mean girls. 

Although this is not a Parent Prep webinar offered through Cedarville, we wanted our readers to have the opportunity to meet Dannah before our January 26 Parent Prep webinar, as well as alert them to this valuable parenting resource. 

Following is the official description of Dannah's Secret Keeper Girl Webinar, scheduled to take place tomorrow evening (Tuesday, October 21) at 6:30 pm EST. We trust you will find it helpful...and feel free to pass the news along!

Photo of Dannah GreshHas your daughter been the victim of a mean girl? Is she struggling with making her friendships warm and affirming? I've got help for you, but first let me share these thoughts about bullying. They are important for a mom to hear, sad as they are.  National Bullying Statistics reveals the following about 2013:

  • Those in 4th-8th grades are most likely to experience bullying.
  • Every 7 minutes a child is bullied; 85% of the time, there is no intervention of any kind.
  • Each day, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying.

These stats are heavy. What are we to do, Moms? We talk about it. Your daughter may be the victim. She may be the bully (just maybe). She may simply be the bystander. But ask her. That's key! Ask her! Most kids do not tell their parents when they are being bullied.  If you want to be able to intervene and coach her up in how to respond, you'll have to ask.
Trust me - she knows about the mean kids - she can tell you their names. She's witnessed the "meanies" in action. She knows about bullying and at some level has experienced it.  
On October 21st at 6:30pm ET, we're offering our first webinar to the general public. Myself and Suzy Weibel will be helping you and your daughter start the conversation. Using some fun story time, mother/daughter interaction, online polls, and more, we are going to give your daughter tools to not only survive but thrive in the tween world of bff's and mean girls!  
The webinar is free, but you must register to participate. You can register here. I hope you'll join myself and Suzy.


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