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Theatre Scholarship

Note: This information is valid for new students entering Cedarville in 2009–10.

Students pursuing a Theatre Major at Cedarville University may be eligible for a scholarship of $500-$2,000. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of declaring a theatre major, performance ability, and /or technical skill level, and academic promise. Scholarships are awarded in the areas of performance, design, and technical theatre. The awarding of scholarships is contingent upon the student being accepted for admission to the University.

Work-Study Scholarships
At the discretion of the Theatre Arts Committee, continuing students may be awarded scholarships for achieving positions in the theatre major such as Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Technician, etc. as deemed necessary by the committee. Students receiving such scholarships awards are expected to fulfill the responsibilities of the assigned positions or the awards may be forfeited. The responsibilities for the assigned positions may be accessed in the Theatre Participation Handbook.

General Theatre Scholarships
Any student who desires to pursue a major in theatre at Cedarville University is eligible for a general theatre scholarship. The Theatre Program is a part of the Communication Arts department. Scholarships within the Theatre Program are awarded to students on the basis of:

  1. Declaration of a major in theatre.
  2. Performance/Design Record as evidenced through a personal visit, video tapes, and/or portfolio evaluation by faculty.
  3. Performance/Design success as evidenced by letters of recommendation from current directors and/or theatre faculty.
  4. Performance/Design potential as evidenced by a personal interview with Cedarville Theatre Faculty.
  5. Personal recommendation of Cedarville Theatre faculty by agreement of the Theatre Arts Committee.
  6. A statement of personal testimony evidencing a desire to honor Christ within the discipline of theatre.
  7. Financial need may be considered.
  8. Academic promise as shown by ACT/SAT scores and high school academic performance (SAT scores represent a combination of critical reading and math).

Applications for scholarship consideration are to be submitted by May 1 of the Spring Term prior to matriculation. A committee of the Theatre Arts Faculty will review all prospective students for awards. Awards will be dependent upon available funding, ability of the student, and the number of applicants. Scholarship notification will be made as soon as possible after the committee meets. Students receiving awards will be expected to meet theatre participation responsibilities including stage work on sets, work on theatre related projects, availability for performances, etc., depending upon the emphasis of their program.

Applications should be directed to:
Dr. James R. Phipps
Executive Manager, Theatre Arts Committee
Department of Communication Arts
Cedarville University
251 N. Main Street, Cedarville, OH 45314
937-766-4113 (fax)


Theatre major; awards are based on performance ability and/or technical skills.





Based on performance