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International Student Aid - Freshmen

Note: This information is valid for new freshmen students entering Cedarville in 2014–15.

All applicants identified as International Freshmen Students are reviewed for the following aid programs:

Eligibility Criteria
(see notes below)
Academic Awards
Annual Total*
31+ ACT / 1360+ SAT
and 3.75 HS GPA
President's Scholar Award
Up to $6,000 Up to $18,000
27+ ACT / 1210+ SAT
and 3.5 HS GPA
Provost's Scholar Award
Up to $6,000 Up to $15,000
25+ ACT / 1130+ SAT
and 3.2 HS GPA
Dean's Scholar Award
Up to $6,000 Up to $13,000
22+ ACT / 1020+ SAT
and 3.0 HS GPA
Faculty Scholar Award
Up to $6,000 Up to $10,000
All other students n/a Up to $8,000 Up to $8,000
Notes: Scholarship decisions are based on GPA and test scores received by Cedarville by April 15.
  • GPA: Unweighted HS GPA (using 4.0 scale)
  • Test Scores: Best one-day test score
    • ACT: Composite score for a single test date
    • SAT: Math + Critical Reading scores for a single test date
Spring Starts:
  • Scholarship decisions are based on GPA and test scores received by Cedarville by October 15.

*International freshmen students may be eligible for additional scholarships (Academic Program, Athletic, Presidential Leadership and/or Donor-funded)

Academic Program Scholarships are associated with select academic programs (Pharmacy, Music, Worship, and others). These are awarded by faculty within each department.

Athletic Scholarships are awarded to top-performing athletes on an individual basis by the coaches.

Presidential Leadership Award. Celebrating Cedarville's strong support for the local church and those who invest their lives in full-time ministry, this scholarship is awarded to selected students whose parent is in full-time ministry and who demonstrate excellent Christian character and leadership abilities. An application is required.

Donor-Funded Scholarships. Scholarship requirements vary according to each donor's request. Award selection is made by the Executive Director of Financial Aid and/or a scholarship committee. Donor-funded scholarships may underwrite the funding of a student's existing academic or need-based aid or, in some cases, are awarded in addition to other institutional aid, depending on the wishes of the donor. Completion of the FAFSA is required.

Cedarville University seeks to use institutional funding wisely in order to allow more students to receive funding. There may be instances where a student has scholarships and grants (institutional and outside) that exceed direct University charges. Thus, in cases where a student's total financial aid (gift-based aid) is above direct University charges, Cedarville will reduce other forms of institutional gift-based aid so as not to exceed your bill amount.

A student must be enrolled full-time to receive institutional aid. 12 hours is considered full-time for undergraduates. Enrolling in less than 12 hours will result in institutional aid being fully rescinded.