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Ohio Programs

Additional information on the various Ohio aid programs is available at the Ohio Board of Regents website.

NOTE: On July 22, 2013 Cedarville received notification from the Ohio Board of Regents regarding the reduction of the 2013-14 Ohio College Opportunity Grant from $2,280 to $2,080.

Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG)

The Ohio College Opportunity Grant is for students who attend both public and private non-profit colleges or universities. For Cedarville students in 2013-14, this annual grant is $2,080 and is awarded as follows:


  • FAFSA EFC calculation of 2,190 or less
  • Maximum Household Income of $75,000 (calculated using FAFSA reported data)
    • Dependent Students: this includes both parental and student income data elements
    • Independent Students: this includes income elements for the student and spouse (if married)
  • Meet Ohio residency requirement
    • Dependent Students: residency is determined by parent information
    • Independent Students: must have been an Ohio resident for at least one year


The FAFSA is the application for this Ohio need-based grant. To be considered for this state grant, the student must complete the FAFSA before October 1, 2013 (the Ohio deadline for completing the FAFSA).


In 2013-14 the annual award amount for students enrolled full-time is $2,080 ($1,040 per semester). The OCOG is awarded based upon the student’s enrollment status for each eligible term.

Full-time 12.0 or more $ 2,080 $ 1,040
3/4-time 9.0 - 11.99 $ 1,560 $ 780
1/2-time 6.0 - 8.99 $ 1,040 $ 520
1/4-time 3.0 - 5.99 $ 520 $ 260


The above award amounts are based upon state funding levels and aid policy. Award amounts are subject to change as the state legislature has the authority to adjust award amounts based upon ongoing budget reviews.