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Ohioana Ruth Weimer Mount Internship

The award is intended for students who are majoring in fields related to the Ohioana programs and services including such areas of study as education, English, history, communications, journalism, music, art, theater, library and information science.

The Ohioana library Association has three primary objectives:

  1. To encourage and recognize the creative accomplishments of Ohioans.
  2. To maintain and preserve a permanent collection of books and music by Ohioans or about Ohio.
  3. To disseminate information about the work of Ohio writers, musicians and other artists.

Information can be obtained from linda Hengst, Director of the Ohioana library Association at 274 E. First Ave., Suite 300 Columbus, Ohio 43201 Or by phone at 614-466-3831 or e-mail ohioana@sloma.state.oh.us.

Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.