Blocked Email Attachments

To further prevent viruses from entering our network or spreading to other computers outside our network, we are blocking several attachment file types from both incoming and outgoing email messages. This does not affect emails sent to on-campus recipients. We will remove the files that end in the following extensions:

  • .pif
  • .vbs
  • .scr
  • .bat
  • .com
  • .cmd
  • .exe

Remember, this does affect outgoing email as well. If you need to send someone a valid file with one of these extensions, rename the file with a different extension before sending it and instruct the recipient to rename it after they receive it.

If you receive an email that says "a password protected zip file was blocked," it is because the file could potentially carry a current virus. The password to open the zip file is included in the message itself. When you open the zip file, the computer becomes infected. We are only blocking password protected zip files, not regular zip files.

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