CU: Identify Your Network Server

Cedarville University stores data belonging to each registered student, faculty, or staff on separate servers. To find out which server your H: drive data is stored on, follow these instructions.


This only works on-campus from a Cedarville University computer. It will not work off-campus nor from your personal computer.

From My Computer

  1. Click the [Start] Button > Select "Computer."
  2. Under "Network Location," you will see a list of the various servers (they each have tree names).
  3. Locate the server ending in (H:) and beginning with your ID number. It should read:
    ID# on '(server name - e.g., Oak)\Data\Homedirs' (H:).
  4. Your server name is the word which is listed after your ID number and before the word \DATA\

Please contact information technology if you have any difficulties determining your network server.

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