CU: Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro (Version PR-PR03) QuickStart

Before you start...

For a detailed explanation and picture diagram of all of the buttons and functions of the KEYSPAN Presentation Remote Pro, please see the attached PDF.

Hardware Setup

  1. To retrieve the RF Receiver from inside the remote, press your thumb down on the top, back portion of the remote until you hear a "click" > Release your thumb. This will release the Receiver and allow you to pull it out.
  2. Connect the RF Receiver to an available USB port.
  3. Insert battery* in RF Remote (positive '+' side up).
  4. Your presentation remote is now ready for use.


If you need to purchase batteries, information technology, located in Tyler 122, sells batteries for $2.50. Please see Scott Crosby.

Using the Laser Pointer

To use the Laser Pointer, simply press and hold the red Laser Pointer button located in the middle of the remote.

Changing the Remote's ID/Trouble Shooting

You may need to change the remote’s ID if your remote control is not responding or if another KEYSPAN Presentation Remote is interfering with your remote (a classroom next to yours). To change your remote's ID, the receiver must be connected to a USB port.

Please refer to the attached PDF picture diagram while you perform the following instructions.

  1. Press the Connect button the RF Receiver in the USB port. The receiver's light will turn on.
  2. Press the Composite Switch (black 'wheel' on the side of the remote) and hold the laser pointer button simultaneously until the status red light on the remote control blinks slowly.
  3. Check to make sure the USB receiver blinks at the same time as the remote.
  4. Your remote now has a new ID and the receiver is listening to the new ID.
  5. Repeat these steps for every remote you have in the same area if there are multiple issues. If there are only two remotes interfering with one another, changing one remote's ID should eliminate the issue.  

You will now be able to use multiple Presentation Remote Pros in the same area without interference.

For directions to the older version of the KEYSPAN Presentation Remote, go to the KEYSPAN Presentation Remote QuickStart help page.  

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