CedarNet: Virtual Lab (VLab) Quick Start Guide

Information technology is pleased to announce the availability of Cedarville University's Virtual Lab (VLab) for personal computers. 

Click the [Printable Instructions] button below for VLab easy installation and usage instructions. Instructions are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Installing VLab on your personal computer will allow you to access the following University-licensed CedarNet software programs from your personal computer - instead of using a University-provided computer in a computer lab or classroom.

(Software available on VLab as of 8-1-14)

  • ArcCatalog 10.2 SP2
  • ArcMap 10.2 SP2
  • AutoCAD 2015
  • AutoDesk CFD 2015
  • Autodesk Simulation Mechanics 2015
  • Engineering Equation Solver
  • IBM SPSS v22
  • Management Scientist
  • Maple 18
  • Maple 18 Calculator
  • MatLab 2014a
  • Micrograde (F/S)
  • Quartus II 7.2 SP3
  • QuickVerse 2011
  • SimgaPlot 12.5
  • Solidworks 2014 SP4
  • TKSolver v5

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