CedarPrint: Wireless Printing FAQ

What is CedarPrint wireless printing?

Cedarville University’s wireless printing service, called CedarPrint, allows students, faculty, and staff to print from a laptop or other mobile device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, etc.) to a University printer via on-campus print stations.

To view this information in PDF form, please see the CedarPrint Wireless Printing Quick Start Guide.

To print from off-campus or a mobile device, consider using WebPrint. WebPrint is a new online tool that enables students to print directly to a CedarPrint station from off-campus or from a smartphone, tablet, etc. 

How do I set up CedarPrint as a printer on a laptop?

If you are printing from a Windows computer, installing CedarPrint is a two step process. First, you must install a client called Papercut, then you must install the printer to your laptop.

If you are printing from a Mac, then installing CedarPrint is only a one step process. You do not have to set up the printer on a Mac, it will be automatically installed when you complete step 1. You do not need to complete step 2 if you are using a Mac.

Step 1: Install the PaperCut NG Print Client


  1. Navigate to cedarville.edu/spcsoftware in an Internet browser.
  2. Click “CedarPrint – Client Install” under the "Windows" section.
  3. Save the folder to your computer.
  4. Navigate to the folder you just downloaded > Right-click on it.
  5. Select "Extract All" to extract the files. 
  6. Open the folder "Cedarprint Client Install".
  7. Double-click “client-local-install.exe” to launch the installation wizard > If prompted, click "Run".
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the client.
  9. When prompted, type your username and password > Click "OK".


  1. Navigate to cedarville.edu/spcsoftware in an Internet browser.
  2. Click “CedarPrint Client and Printer Install” under the “Mac” section.
  3. Save the .zip file to your computer.
  4. Navigate to the .zip file you just downloaded.
  5. Double click the .zip file to unzip the application.
  6. Double-click “SPCPrint Release Installation” to launch the installation wizard.
  7. If a pop up box opens asking if you want to open the file, click “Open”.
  8. Click “Yes” to install PCClient.
  9. When prompted, type in your username and password > Click “OK”.
  10. Click the "CedarPrint Installer" icon in the dock, and click “Yes” to install the CedarPrint Wireless Printer. The program will install the printer and quit automatically.

Step 2: Install the CedarPrint Wireless Printer

Once you have installed the Papercut client, you must configure the wireless printer on your Windows personal laptop. The file “CedarPrint-Printer-Install.exe” will automatically install the printer for you, or you can manually install the printer yourself. You do not need to complete both the automatic and manual installation. Users with Mac OS laptops do not have to complete this step.

Windows: Automatic Installation

  1. Navigate to cedarville.edu/spcsoftware in your browser.
  2. Click “CedarPrint – Printer Install” under the "Windows" section.
  3. Click "Save File".
  4. Navigate to the file you just downloaded > Double-click "CedarPrint-Printer-Install.exe" > If prompted, click "Run".
  5. A black box will appear. After this box displays for about 20-30 seconds, it will close.
  6. The CedarPrint wireless printer will be automatically installed.
  7. To confirm that the printer is installed, open your printers (Windows start button > Devices and Printers). “CedarPrint” will appear in the list.

Windows XP: Manual Installation

  1. Open the Printers and Faxes Window.
  2. Click “Add Printer” > “Next”.
  3. Select "A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer".
  4. Select "Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network".
  5. Enter “http://printshop3.cedarville.edu/ipp/CedarPrint” as the URL.
  6. Answer the default printer question.
  7. Click “Finish”.

Windows 7: Manual Installation

  1. Open the Devices and Printers window (Windows start button > “Devices and Printers”).
  2. Click “Add a printer”.
  3. Click “Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer”.
  4. Click "The printer that I want isn't listed".
  5. Check “Select a shared printer by name”.
  6. Type “http://printshop3.cedarville.edu:631/ipp/CedarPrint” into the text field > Click “Next”.
  7. The “Add Printer Wizard” window will open. Under “Manufacturer” choose “HP.” Under “Printers” choose “HP LaserJet 4250 PCL6”.
  8. Click “OK.” The printer will be added.
  9. Click “Next” > Click “Finish”.

How do I print wirelessly from my laptop?

  1. Install the Papercut client on your laptop. (See instructions in Step one of the prior section.)
  2. Open the document you would like to print.
  3. Click “Print” in the program you are using.
  4. Choose CedarPrint from the dropdown menu > Type in your CedarNet username and password.
  5. The print job notification will open in a pop-up window. Click "Print." The document will be sent to the CedarPrint queue.
  6. Go to any CedarPrint station on campus. (See "Printable Instructions" pdf below for a map of CedarPrint locations.)
  7. Log in to the CedarPrint station by swiping your ID card or typing in your ID number.
  8. Find your print job in your queue.
  9. Click "Print."

How do I check my CedarPrint queue?

You can check your CedarPrint queue from any computer with Internet access:

  1. Open the Papercut NG Client on your personal computer.
  2. Click "Details".
  3. Type your username and password > Click "Login".
  4. Click "Jobs Pending Release".


To open the Papercut NG Client on Windows 7, click the small "up arrow" on the lower task bar to show hidden icons. When you hover the cursor over the "Papercut NG" icon, your username and print quota balance will display.

On a Mac, the "Papercut NG" icon should be in your task bar (dock) as well.

Can I use CedarPrint from a University computer?

Yes. You can print from a University computer to the CedarPrint queue. CedarPrint should already be installed in computer labs, classrooms, and on University computers that were placed in residence hall rooms by request for the 2013-14 academic year. Please submit an online computer service request if CedarPrint does not display as a printer on a University computer.

Where are the CedarPrint stations located?

There are currently twelve CedarPrint stations around campus:
  • Apple Technology Resource Center - commuter lounge
  • Callan Athletic Center - hallway (by the echeck stations)
  • Centennial Library - alcove (by the echeck stations)
  • Center for Biblical and Theological Studies -  computer lab (rm 111)
  • Center for Biblical and Theological Studies - atrium (by the echeck stations)
  • Dixon Ministry Center - lobby (across from the Journalism lab)
  • Engineering and Science building - second floor lobby
  • Health Sciences Center - second floor lobby
  • Health Sciences Center - third floor lobby
  • Steven's Student Center - upper level lobby (across from Admissions)
  • Steven's Student Center - lower level hallway (by the game room)
  • Tyler Digital Communication Center - first floor, rear entrance (by the echeck stations)

View map of CedarPrint locations.

Do the CedarPrint stations work with mobile devices (e.g. smartphones or tablets)?

Yes, through Cedarville's online tool called WebPrint.

Does printing from my laptop affect my print quota?

Yes. When you send a print job to CedarPrint, it is held in a print queue for 24 hours. If you do not release the print job from a CedarPrint release station, it is deleted from the queue, and your print quota is unaffected. However, as soon as the print job is released and printed at a CedarPrint release station, your print quota is reduced accordingly. If the printer is out of toner or the printout is somehow unusable, please submit an online computer service request and indicate "Failed Print Job" to request a print quota adjustment.

CedarPrint Troubleshooting

If you experience difficulty with CedarPrint software, the following troubleshooting options may resolve your issue:

  • Make sure your laptop is connected to cu-secure. You cannot wirelessly print unless you are logged into the cu-secure wireless network. CedarPrint will not work with cu-unsecure or cu-manual. For information on how to set up cu-secure, please click the link for your operating system: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OSX.
  • Update Java before you install CedarPrint. Download the latest version of Java. This applies to Windows computers only.
  • Open Papercut before you try to print. You cannot print a document wirelessly unless Papercut is running. Make sure you have Papercut open (running in the task bar) before you tell the file to print. This is especially applicable for Mac computers.
  • Restart the University computer. If you are having trouble printing from a University computer, restart the computer to make sure the Papercut agent is installed properly.

If these troubleshooting suggestions do not resolve the issue you are having, please take your laptop to the Computer Assistance Center (north side of the Tyler Digital Communication Center—external glass door facing the Milner Business Administration Building). The Computer Assistance Center is open from 11 am - 4:30 pm, Mondays through Fridays during the academic year and by appointment only during the summer term and over breaks.  

If the issue involves a University computer, please submit an online computer service request.

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