Combine Multiple PDFs Into One File


This will not work in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program.  Please submit a Computer Service Request if you need to have Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0 installed on your computer.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0.
  2. Go to "File" > "Create PDF" (or choose [Create PDF] on your toolbar).
  3. Choose "From Multiple Files...."
  4. A "Combine Files" dialog box will open.
  5. Click [Add Files...] to search for the PDF files you wish to combine.
  6. Select a file > Click [Add Files...] to add the PDF file to your list.
  7. Repeat Step 6 for additional files.
  8. Adobe will combine the files in the order in which you select them. Use the [Move up] and [Move down] buttons to reorder the files.
  9. Click [Next].
  10. Choose "Merge Files into a Single PDF" > Click [Create].
  11. Click [Save] > Name the file> Click [Save].
  12. The combined file will open.

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