Create Flowcharts/Organizational Charts

There are a number of ways to create flowcharts and organizational charts using the resources provided on the Cedarville University network. Each method allows varying degrees of ease, flexibility, and customization.

What are my options?

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel each have features that will allow you to either insert and modify a simple organizational chart or create your own customized flowchart. Additionally, CedarNet offers ABC FlowCharter, a program designed to create flowcharts of any kind.

The help page links above compare the different methods of making flowcharts (in bold), and also provide instructions to help you get started. 

Word Perfect Users

If you wish to insert an organizational chart in Word Perfect, first create the chart in Microsoft PowerPoint. Then select the entire chart, right-click on the chart, and choose "Save as Picture." Insert the picture into your Word Perfect document.

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