Create Flowcharts/Organizational Charts in Office

You can create Flowcharts and Organizational Charts simply by inserting shapes right into the Excel document.


If you would like to create a graph or chart that is separate from the default cells, go to the "Insert" tab > Click [Column] > Click the type of column you would like to insert. Follow these instructions to insert shapes into the white box that now appears on your screen.

  1. Go to [Insert] > [Shapes] (look under "Flowchart" for flowchart shapes) > Select the desired shape or line.
  2. Click and drag to place your shape or line where you would like it to go. 
  3. Continue this process for as many shapes as needed.
  4. Format Shapes: Select the shape > Click the orange [Drawing Tools] tab or [Text Box Tools] tab above the menu bar. 
  5. Place text in a shape
    • In PowerPoint or Excel: Select the shape and type or right-click the shape and choose "Edit Text."
    • In Word: Right-click and choose "Add Text."
  6. You may also incorporate SmartArt in your flowchart. 

Computer Help also offers instructions for creating flowcharts in ABC FlowCharter.

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