Excel: How to Parse Data (Split Column Into Two)

Excel 2010 and 2013 allow you to parse cells so that you can split data between two columns without entering the data into each individual cell manually. After opening Excel and the datasheet you would like to parse, please follow the procedure below.

  1. Choose the column you would like to parse (or split).
  2. Right click the column directly to the left or right of it. Click “Insert.”
  3. Select the column you would like to parse by clicking the letter directly above the column.
  4. Click the “Data” tab > Click “Text to Columns.”
  5. You will see the “Convert Text To Columns” wizard. Choose “Delimited.”
  6. Click “Next.”
  7. Select the delimiters that your column contains (e.g. If your column reads “Smith, John” you would select “Comma” as your delimiter) > Select “Treat consecutive delimiters as one.”
  8. Click “Next.”
  9. Under “Column data format” choose “General” > Click “Finish.”
  10. If a dialog box opens asking if you would like to replace the contents of the destination, click “OK.”

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