Google Calendar: Appointment Slots

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One exciting feature of Google Calendar is Appointment Slots. This feature allows you to block out sections of your calender for individuals to sign up for appointments. 

To learn how to use this feature, please check out this post directly from Google:

Getting Started with Appointment Slots

One important thing to note: you will need to provide the "Unique Appointment Slot" link to the people you want to grant access. Adding someone as a "guest" will invite them to ALL appointment slots.

While there are many ways to utilize this feature, here are some suggestions:


You can set your available office hours in Google Calendar with a recurring appointment slot and then share the URL for the appointment page with your students. This way, students can quickly pick and reserve a time to meet with you.


You can use Google appointment slots to offer a block of appointments for status updates, performance reviews, etc.


You can use appointment slots to schedule group meetings, to use Google Hangout with Mom and Dad, or to let your classmates know when your work shifts are, and more.

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