Google Conversion: Email and Calendar Frequently Asked Questions


The following Google Apps FAQs are accurate to the best of our knowledge but are subject to change.


Has my email address changed with the conversion to Google Apps?

Good news! Your email address remains (applies to faculty, staff, and students.) Email addresses for alumni continue to work with either the or address.

If I already have a personal Gmail account, can I use both it and my Cedarville Gmail account?

Google allows a user to have multiple accounts and easily switch between the two. Each account is differentiated by the email address used. In this case, your personal Gmail account is while your University-provided Google Apps account is differentiated as

Why did Cedarville decide to switch to Google Apps? Was it to save money?

Google Apps is a free service for participating colleges and universities and converting from GroupWise/Netmail to Google Apps resulted in fewer servers for information technology to maintain. However, the university had to purchase some additional services that offset the savings. Therefore, information technology has determined that the email conversion is budget neutral. The motive for change was to leverage the newer technology provided by Google Apps and to promote efficiency for all users.

When did the conversion from GroupWise to Google Apps occur?

The conversion was staggered throughout 2010 to provide ample opportunities for training and adjustment to Google Apps. The roll-out was as follows:

  • Alumni from years prior to 2011: June – December 2012
  • Alumni from 2011 to 2012: July – November 2012
  • Students: July – September 2012
  • Faculty and staff: September – October 2012

What kind of training and support is Information Technology providing for Google Apps?

Information technology continues to provide helpful hint emails, online training materials, hands-on training classes, and phone support for faculty and staff. Support has included introductory materials about Google mail and calendar, an in-depth look at new features, and guides for how to perform specific tasks in Google Apps. If you would like to augment this training, there are a variety of online resources available on the web because Google Apps is a popular and well-used email and calendar system.

What happened to all of my existing GroupWise email and the existing appointments on my GroupWise calendar?

Information technology has made provisions to convert GroupWise email to Google Apps for all users. GroupWise calendar appointments were migrated for faculty and staff only because of migration costs.

How do I access my email and calendar using Google Apps?

There are multiple ways to access your Google mail and calendar. The easiest is the superior web interface provided by Google Apps ( This option, which is nearly identical to the personal Gmail interface, is suitable for the majority of users.

Your Google mail and calendar are also accessible on smart phone and tablet devices. The Google Apps delivery system greatly improves the reliability of information displayed on your device.

For administrative assistants and other power users, information technology will provide Microsoft Outlook desktop software for university computers. Outlook provides a look and feel similar to GroupWise and enhances functionality beyond what the Google Apps web interface provides. Outlook will become available in late 2012 or early 2013.

May I use the full suite of Google Apps?

Yes, the full suite of Google Apps is available with your Cedarville account. However, information technology does not provide support and training beyond Google mail and calendar at the present time.

Should I be concerned about Google respecting my privacy?

Cedarville University has signed a contract with Google that obligates Google to maintain the confidentiality of your data.

  • In order to create a Cedarville Google account, the University provides Google with your name and username. Google does not receive any other personal information about you.
  • Logging into a Cedarville Google account uses a Cedarville server. Your password is never sent to Google.
  • Google Apps for Education is a product suite that is distinct from public services (Gmail, calendar, search, etc.) provided by Google. Google does not cross-reference data between the Apps for Education environment and the public environment.
  • Data generated by using Google Apps for Education (mail, calendar, Gdrive, etc.) will not be used by Google for marketing purposes nor will the data be shared with third parties.
  • When you are using Google Apps for Education, you control the retention of data. You may delete messages, documents, and other materials at anytime.
  • For additional information, see


For legal compliance reasons, the University captures some material generated in Google Apps for Education by non-student employees. This capturing does not apply to students or alumni.


What has happened to my personal GroupWise address book and contacts?

Information technology has automated the move of personal contacts for faculty and staff from GroupWise to Google Apps. Students and alumni may export contacts from GroupWise to Google.

What has happened to my GroupWise archived emails?

Information technology provided unarchiving instructions to move your archived mail from your network drive to your Google Apps account. These steps must be done on campus.

How do I access my archive with Google Apps?

Unlike GroupWise and its mailbox limitations (3GB), the increased mailbox size (25GB) provided by Google Apps greatly reduces the need for regular archiving. All of your email is available in Google Apps unless you specifically delete it.

Am I able to retrieve a deleted email in Google Apps?

The increased mailbox size (25GB) provided by Google Apps reduces the need to delete emails. However, once an email has been deleted, you have 30 days to retrieve it from trash. Once it is purged from the trash in Google Apps, it will no longer be available to you.

Does Google scan my email and display advertisements?

Unlike personal Gmail accounts, there are no advertisements in Google Apps for current students and employees using the email interface. (Alumni see advertisements.)

How reliable is Google Apps?

The Google Apps Service Level Agreement provides an uptime (availability) of 99.9% or better.

Is my Google Mail safe?

Yes, unauthorized parties cannot access your email. This includes other users and institutions on Google Apps. In fact, all user accounts are protected via a virtual lock and key that ensures that on user cannot see another user’s data. This is similar to how customer data is kept separated in other shared environments such as online banking applications.

Does Google Apps provide spam filtering?

Yes, Google Apps provides an improved and robust spam filtering system.


Does Google Apps allow me to view multiple calendars and perform a busy search before scheduling meetings?

Yes. Information technology understands that this feature is important to you. This Google Calendar page explains the best method to access multiple calendars and schedule meetings. As an added benefit, using Google Apps you can subscribe to many different types of personal calendars and conveniently view them alongside your Cedarville calendar.

Does Google Apps support shared and/or department calendars?

Yes. Information technology has prepared documentation explaining the best way to access shared and department calendars. Google Apps also provides a method to schedule resources, such as department conference rooms, that are not managed by event services.

Can I still proxy into another person or department's account with Google Apps?

Yes, Google Apps provides proxy capability to calendar and email. This feature is called “delegation” in Google Apps, and information technology has prepared detailed instructions on delegation, both for Google Mail (setting up and accessing & managing) and Google Calendar.

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