Google Mail: Add Someone to Your Mail Contacts

Google Mail: Add Someone to Your Mail Contacts

Google Mail automatically adds new email addresses (ones that are not already in your Google Contacts) to your Other Contacts group when you send an email or use the Reply, Reply All, or Forward functions.


If you do not want contacts to be automatically added, scroll down to the “Create contacts...” section in your Google Mail Settings. Click the radio button for “I’ll create contacts myself.”

Adding Someone to Your Google Contacts

You can also manually add someone to your Google Contacts by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Mail" link and log in using your CedarNet credentials.
  3. From the Mail screen, click the grid icon in the upper right hand corner and choose “Contacts” (Google Contacts will open in a new tab) or choose "Contacts" from the [Mail] dropdown (Contact Manager will open in the same window).
  4. Click [New Contact].
  5. Enter the contact’s information in the appropriate fields. The information will save automatically. You can also click the [Add] button to choose other fields.

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