Google Mail: Add an Image to an Email

Google Mail: Add an Image to an Email

Google Mail now has an option to let you add images to display in an email. You have the option of adding images from a saved file location or from the Internet.

Adding an Image to an Email

  1. Navigate to, and click the “Mail” link.
  2. Log in to Google Mail. If you are already logged in to Google Apps, open Google Mail by clicking the Apps icon at the top of the screen and choose Mail.
  3. To write a new email, click [COMPOSE].
  4. After you have completed writing your email, place your cursor in the email message box where you would like the image to appear.
  5. From the bottom toolbar, click the photo icon to "Insert photo."
  6. Select whether to add an image from your computer or to link to a web address.
  7. If you selected from your computer, select [Choose File], navigate to the desired image, and click [Open]. If you selected to link to a web address, type the web address of the image into the “Image URL” field. (You can also right click on an online image and select "Copy image URL").
  8. Wait till the image uploads and click [OK]. The image will be added to the email.

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