Groupwise: Address Books - Create a Mail Group from an Excel File

How can I do this in...Google, Outlook

In Excel

  1. Open or create an Excel spreadsheet that contains a column for last name, first name, and email address (at the minimum).
  2. Make sure the top row of your spreadsheet contains column heading names (for example, LastName, FirstName, Email) and not data.
  3. Click the [File] tab > Select "Save As."
  4. Name the excel file > Choose the file type "CSV" from the drop-down list  > Click [Save].
  5. Click [OK] if warned that some items may not be compatible > Click [Yes] to proceed anyway.

In GroupWise

  1. Open GroupWise > Click [Address Book] in your top menubar.
  2. Click "File" > Select "Import..."
  3. Navigate to where your .csv file is located > Click to highlight the file > Click [Open].
  4. A list of address books will display. Click to highlight the address book you would like to import to or click [New].
  5. Name your new address book > Click [OK].
  6. A dialog box will open displaying the column headings, sample data, and links to match the columns with GroupWise contact fields.
  7. Click on each link to match the fields (for example, LastName with Last Name).
  8. Click [OK]. Wait for confirmation that the import was successful.
  9. Locate your address book in the address book list. Open the book to confirm that all of the names are present.
  10. To send the mail group an email, click the first name > Press [Ctrl] + [A] to select all names.
  11. Choose [Action] > Send email.

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