Groupwise: Filters

Have you lost an important email in the daily deluge of Cedarville emails?  Instead of having to look through every single email in your inbox, you can find the email with a groupwise filter. 

  1. Directly above your inbox on the right-hand side, you will see a "Find" box. 
  2. Type any portion of the subject line of the email you are looking for, or the name of the sender. 
  3. Only emails containing the word you type in the subject line or the sender's name will display in the inbox.

Click the black down-arrow next to "Find" to modify your filter.  These options will allow you to display all the emails in a certain category, or open a new search window. 

To clear the filter, simply click the blue and yellow circles to the right of the "Find" window.

Keywords:  lost, search, categories, emails, group wise, e-mail

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