GroupWise: Print Attachments Using Associated Application

Note:  Make sure to set your default printer before proceeding with these instructions.

To print an attachment in a GroupWise email, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the email with the attachment from your inbox.
  2. Inside the email, right-click the attachment > Select "Print...."
  3. Under "Items to print:" you will have three options: the actual email, the "Attachment: Text.htm," and the actual attachment.
  4. Note: The "Attachment: Text.htm" allows you to print the email text in html. This may not be the best option, as the text will oftentimes print with a very large font. The actual email option may be a better option.
  5. Select the attachment > Click [Print]. The document will print with a heading that indicates the file name and the email date.
  6. Click the "Print attachment with associated application" box to print the document with the application it was created in, such as Microsoft Word

You may also want to Print Multiple Email Attachments.

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