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If you plan to be away from your email for an extended length of time, you can create an email Auto-Reply message by using the "Rules" feature in GroupWise.


We do NOT recommend that you use the GroupWise default vacation rule.

How to create an auto-reply message (Flash video)

Create an Auto-Reply Rule

  1. In GroupWise, go to "Tools" > "Rules" > Click [New].
  2. In the "Rule Name" box, type a name for your rule (for example, "Out of the Office").
  3. Under "When the event is," select "New item" from the dropdown menu > Check  "Received."
  4. Select at least one check box under "Item Types."
  5. Click [Define Conditions...].
  6. From the drop-down menu, select "All Fields."
  7. Select "View Name" > Click [OK].
  8. From the middle drop-down menu, select "! Not equal to."
  9. Type "internet" in the text box > Click [OK].
  10. Click [Add Action] > Choose "Reply..."
  11. Select "Reply to Sender" > Select "Include message from sender" if you want your recipients to see what they sent to you.
  12. When the second "Reply" dialog box opens, type the "Subject" and "Message" for your response. (You can leave the other fields blank.)
  13. Click [OK].
  14. Click [Save]> [Close].

You can modify the rule at any time.

Arrange the Rule

If you have other rules already defined, remember that the rules are executed in sequential order. Place the auto-reply rule at the beginning of the list to make sure it executes first.

  1. Go to "Tools" > "Rules."
  2. Drag the auto-reply rule to the top of the list.

If you enable more than one rule, all of the rules will be carried out regardless of the order you put them in unless they conflict with each other.


GroupWise will send an auto-response to a specific user only once. If a given user sends you more than one email while this rule is enabled, they will only receive an auto-reply message in response to the first email.

Test the Rule

You can test your rule by sending yourself an email message. You should receive an email with your auto-reply message in response. (Since GroupWise will send only one auto-reply message, you can test it only once.)

Disable the Rule

  1. Go to "Tools" > "Rules."
  2. All of your rules will display in the Rules dialog box.
  3. Uncheck the box next to the rule you wish to disable.
  4. When you are ready to use the auto-reply rule again, simply select the check box again.

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