Groupwise: Attach a File to an Email

How can I do this in...Google, Outlook


To attach a file to an email in the “Mail To:” window:

  1. Click the paper clip icon in the toolbar.
  2. A Windows Explorer window will appear. Navigate to the location of your document.
  3. Click to highlight the document you wish to attach.
  4. Click [OK].


Simply drag the item from your desktop or Windows Explorer and drop it into the bottom of the email window.

You should see the icon for your document appear in the box at the bottom of your email window.


If you are using the Groupwise web access, you can attach the file through the following method:

  1. Go to and enter your username and password.
  2. Start a new email message > Write your email message as usual.
  3. Click the "Attachments" tab next to the "Mail" tab.
  4. Click Browse > In the dialog box, locate the file you want to attach > Click [Open].
  5. Click [Attach]. The file should move to the list of attachments. If the file does not attach after a minute, the file is probably too large for the mail server.
  6. Click [Send].

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