Groupwise: Check Spelling for GroupWise Email

Before you start...

GroupWise 8 underlines in red any misspelled words in the message body or subject line of an email. Right-click on the misspelled word to see a list of possible correct spellings.

Disable Spell-Check

  1. Go to "Tools" > "Options...."
  2. Double-click "Environment" > Choose the [General] tab.
  3. Uncheck the box for "Check spelling as you type."

You may want to make sure the box for "Check spelling before send" is checked. If you do, a spell check dialog box will pop up when you click [Send] for an email that contains spelling errors.

Use QuickCorrect

GroupWise 8 has a feature that will automatically replace your common spelling errors and mistyped words (e.g.,if you often type "frmo," you can have the word corrected to "from").

QuickCorrect may also be used to expand abbreviations (e.g., if you type the abbreviation "pim" you can have GroupWise automatically replace it with "personal information manager").

Edit QuickCorrect

  1. Create a new email.
  2. Go to "Tools" > "QuickCorrect."
  3. Edit as desired > Click [Close] when you are done.

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