Groupwise: Email and Email Account Deletion Policy

Email Deletion Policy and Protection

We want to be good stewards of Cedarville's network resources.  Therefore, faculty, staff and student email is retained in user GroupWise accounts for 18 months (540 days) and then it is permanently deleted to provide room for new email messages.


Emails deleted under this policy cannot be recovered. Also, emails stored in folders or in your GroupWise "Cabinet" are not exempt from the 540 day purge process.

If you wish to save an email beyond the 540 day period, you will need to archive it.  

The following help pages explain the archive process in more detail:

Information on Email Account Deletion

For information on email account deletion after a student leaves or graduates from Cedarville, see the Expiring CedarNet Accounts page or the options available for Email for Life (EFL).

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