Groupwise: Language Error

During the GroupWise installation (or upgrade) process, you may get one of the following errors:

  • Unable to load ‘GWDTA1US.DLL’ language resource file
  • Language resource file GWDTA1EN.DLL loaded

Just click [OK] and the installation process should continue. After the installation is complete, you may get a similar error message when starting the GroupWise program. Click [OK] and continue on into GroupWise.

You can get rid of this error by doing the following instructions:

  1. While in GroupWise, select “Tools” from the top menu.
  2. Click [Options] > Double-click [Environment]. Notice that the Apply button is greyed out.
  3. The “Interface Language” section will probably display “EN – English” as the language.
  4. Select the “Interface Language” drop-down box. When you click the drop-down arrow you will see the “EN – English” option. Click the “EN – English” entry (it will probably be in a different color, such as solid blue). This should toggle the [Apply] button so that it is no longer greyed out.
  5. Click [Apply] > [OK]. The error should not display next time you enter GroupWise.

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