Groupwise: Sort GroupWise Mailbox and Cabinet Content (Folders)

Each of the folders within GroupWise is set to automatically sort its contents by date. To change this setting, follow these steps:

  1. Open GroupWise. If you would like to change the regular mailbox, stay on the open page. If you would like to change a different folder in your "Cabinet" setting, click the folder that you wish to sort differently so that its contents display.
  2. Above your email list, you will see the column headings "Name," "Subject," and "Date."  
  3. A little triangle appears in the box that is the default for sorting email. For example, the triangle should appear next to "Date," meaning your emails are currently sorted by the date you received them.
  4. Click the column heading you wish to use to sort your items. (For example, click on "Subject" if you wish to sort your emails alphabetically by the subject line.)
  5. Clicking the same column heading a second time will reverse the sort order.

Learn more about Creating GroupWise Folders and Subfolders.

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