Groupwise: Update the Novell Client

If you are unable to access your network drives when you log into a school computer, it could be because you are logging into the computer itself, but not the Cedarville network. Every school computer offers two login options: “Log on to the Novell Network” and “Log on to this computer." To access your network drives, you must log onto the Novell Network. To prevent your computer login from defaulting to the computer login, you must update the Novell client on your school computer.

  1. Log on to the school computer.
  2. Click the up-arrow in the lower toolbar (located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen).
  3. Right click the red “N.” > Choose “Update Novell Client.”
  4. A dialog box will open asking you if you would like to allow the program to make changes to the computer. Click “Yes.”
  5. The Novell Client Installation (updater) will run. Answer yes to any further dialog boxes that ask for your permission to make changes to the computer.
  6. After the client has finished updating, it will close itself.
  7. Once the client has finished running, log out of the lab computer.


After you update the Novell client, you should run a test to make sure the update installed properly. From the login screen, enter your username and an incorrect password. When a dialogue box opens stating the system could not log into the network, click “OK.” If the computer defaults back to the Novell login screen then the update worked. If the computer defaults back to the computer login screen, the update failed. Retry steps 1-7.

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