HTML Emails: For Recipients

HTML Emails: For Recipients


HTML emails are the "fancy" emails you receive that have photos as backgrounds or unusual type styles or colors.

How to View Individual Emails as HTML Emails…

Many HTML emails say “view in HTML” in the Subject line. To view an email in HTML, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the email. (It may be completely blank.)
  2. Go to "View" > "HTML."
  3. The graphics and color of the fancy email will appear.

If some of the images are still not visible, see the Google Mail: Display Images in an Email Message help page.

How to Forward HTML Emails…

Unfortunately, an HTML email will forward as a blank email or plain text when you mail it to off-campus recipients unless you follow these steps when forwarding:

  1. Open your email in HTML view.
  2. Click "Actions" > Select "Forward as Attachment."
  3. Address the email to the off-campus recipients.
  4. Click "Send."


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