How to Use Search Features in Windows 7

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The following help page walks you through the process of how to use search features available in Windows 7. In Windows 7, you can either do a basic search using Windows Search, or you can do a more comprehensive search using the advanced search feature. If you have an additional question, please send an email to Tech Help or call 937-766-7905. We would be happy to assist you.

Basic search using Windows Search

  1. Click the [Start] Button.
  2. Type your search criteria into the text box that says “Search programs and files.”
  3. To find a given file, search by keyword, date, or location.

Advanced search using the documents library

  1. Click the [Start] Button.
  2. Click Documents (a dialogue box will appear).
  3. Type your search term in the upper right box. Search results will be returned by date.
  4. To view additional (non-indexed) search results, click the “Computer” icon at the bottom of the search result screen. This method will likely take a long time to return results.

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