Internet: Accountability Resources

Cedarville University encourages students, faculty, and staff to be God-honoring in their use of the Internet. Every CU computer screen contains a sticker as a reminder to please the Lord with our use of technology.

We do recognize, however, that accessing inappropriate material can be a temptation to anyone. We utilize a web filtering product to help eliminate the availability of this material; however, no filtering solution is foolproof. We still need to rely on each person's commitment to holiness in this area. 

If you have questions about Cedarville University's web filtering system, refer to Web Filtering FAQ . 

Submit an online computer service request if you cannot access a website and believe it should not be blocked.

The resources listed below offer advice for people who wish to have extra help in this area of their life.  We encourage students, faculty, and staff with struggles in this area to seek out a counselor for professional support.

Cedarville Accountability Resources

CedarInfo Reporting

Cedarville University has created a CedarInfo transaction that allows you to view your web history and/or add a web accountability partner. This partner can view your entire web report and keep you accountable for what you view while on the web.

To view your web history, open your CedarInfo page and follow these instructions:

  1. Under "Individual (General) Transactions," select "Web accountability report."
  2. Select a start date and the number of days to view.
  3. Enter your ID number in the box provided.
  4. Indicate whether or not you would like a "Detail report" or a "Summary report."
  5. Select [Continue] once you are finished. An email will be sent to you with your report.

To add a web accountability partner, open your CedarInfo page and follow these instructions:

  1. Under "Individual (General) Transactions,' select "Web accountability partner signup."
  2. You may be asked to log in again.
  3. Enter the ID number(s) or login name(s) of the people whom you would like to set up as your accountability partner(s) > Click [Continue].
  4. You can view your current accountability partner(s) by opening the transaction again (step one) and looking under "Current accountability partner(s)."

Student Life Programs

Student Life Programs has compiled a more extensive list of Internet accountability resources. Click on the [PDF Printable Instructions] button at the bottom of this help page to view Dean Smith's suggested reading list.

General Resources
      A Christian approach to handling addictions, sexuality, and homosexuality.
      An entire web site devoted to helping Christians deal with pornography

Some of the following services may charge a fee.
      Have a friend keep you accountable.
      Load additional filtering software on your computer.
      Use a combination of additional filtering and an accountability partner.

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Printable Instructions

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