Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software

Before you start...

Logos Bible software is a Bible study library that provides a number of reference tools, including exegetical guides, multiple translations, scholarly commentaries, and group study aides. You can access Logos through any university computer by using CedarNet.

Install Logos Bible Software

The software takes about 40 minutes to install the first time you run it.

  1. Go to Start >All Programs >  _CedarNet > Logos Bible Software (Version 3).
  2. A dialog box will open, asking if you want to install the software. Click [Yes].
  3. A window with a progress bar appears. Once it is finished, Logos will open.

You may purchase Logos for your personal computer at discount pricing. Logos provides an extensive library of demonstration videos. You can access them at the Logos Video website. You can find more specified videos by clicking "Logos 4 - Windows" in the left-hand column.


The videos provided by Logos are for version 4. Cedarville currently provides version 3.1. While this may affect some of the features described in the videos, the basics remain the same.

Bible Study Training

Click on the PDF link below for Logos training specific to Bible study application, for personal or group use.

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