Network Storage Quotas

The following quotas are in effect for the 2010-11 academic year at Cedarville University:

Email Quotas

Faculty, staff and current students are granted 1GB of mailbox storage space. 


As your mailbox reaches 95% of capacity, you will still be able to receive emails, but you may be restricted from sending emails until you have deleted or archived items in your mailbox to free up space.

Email is retained in all user accounts for 18 months (540 days).  You may archive email to keep it beyond the purge date. 

Email archives are stored on a user's H: drive by default.  Specific instructions are included in the GroupWise: Access Archived Email help page.

H: Drive Quotas

Faculty, staff and current students are allocated 4GB of network storage space (H: Drive).

A separate help page addresses which storage location is appropriate for different types of data.  If your H: drive is approaching "full", and you are unsure which files to delete, refer to the help page on File Storage Recommendations.

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