Outlook: Set the Cedarville Directory as the Default Address Book

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When you begin using Microsoft Outlook, the Cedarville directory may not be set as the default address book for finding contacts. You can set it as the default address book so that it takes one step less to add contacts from the directory to an email.


Setting the Cedarville directory as the default address book will not add the Cedarville directory to Outlook's autocomplete function.

Set the Cedarville directory as the default address book

The Cedarville email directory is called the Global Address Book in Outlook. To set it as the default address book to open, complete the following steps:

  1. In the "Home" tab in the "Find" group, click "Address Book."
  2. In the resulting window, go to "Tools" > "Options…".
  3. In the resulting window, under the drop-down options for "When opening the address book, show this address list first:," choose "Global Address Book."
  4. Click [OK].

This will set the Cedarville email directory as the first email directory to open when you click the address book to search for a contact.

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