Print to/Scan from the Ricoh Copiers

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This help page provides instructions for installing, copying from, printing to, and scanning from the Ricoh copiers.

To install the Ricoh driver

  1. Navigate to the icon or menu option of your preferred web browser in the Start menu, but do not open the browser.
  2. Hover over the icon or menu option and right click.
  3. From the resulting pop-up menu, click “Run as administrator.”
  4. When asked for a password, enter the 6-digit identification number located under the barcode on the sticker on your computer.
  5. Navigate to this website:
  6. Look for the copier in the desired location. It will read "Copier LOCATION." For example, "Copier DMC 106" is the Ricoh copier in DMC 106.
  7. To download the driver for the copier, select the copier that is closest to your location by clicking it.
  8. Follow the wizard to install.
  9. Check "Start" > "Devices and Printers" to verify that the copier is now available as a printer.


To install the driver, you have to be logged in to your web browser as an administrator.

To activate your ID number to copy

To copy with a Ricoh copier, you must activate a pin number before you try to copy. This is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Locate the 7-digit pin number on your faculty/staff identification

This number is a seven digit number found above the barcode strip on your faculty/staff identification. Adhere to the following guidelines to find the correct number:

  • Do not use the first six digits of the ID but the next seven digits, including zeros.
  • Do not include the last digit.

For example, if your ID card says 56798302345605, the number positions that are bolded are the ones that you use.

Step 2: Email this number to print services

Provide this number and your name to the print shop at to be activated for copying.

To copy

  1. At the copier, enter your 7-digit ID number when it asks you for your “pin.” Note: You must have had this number activated by the print shop for it to work. See “To activate your ID number to copy” above.
  2. When you are asked for your GL Account #, type your five digit account number. If you try to proceed without entering the number, a list will come up with all of the accounts on campus so you can select the appropriate number.
  3. Select the copy button on the left side of the screen and proceed.

To print

  1. Select “File” > “Print.”
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the Ricoh copier/printer that you downloaded.
  3. If you want to choose options for how the document will print (for example, two-sided, stapled where applicable, and more), select “Printer Properties” and make appropriate changes.
  4. Click the [Print] button in the driver. A pop-up box will appear asking you for an account number.
  5. Use the drop-down to select the appropriate account to charge. Your job will print to the copier. If you chose the “Hold” option in “Printer Properties,” your job will be stored at the copier until you release it by entering your ID information at the copier and going to the [Print] button to select the job for release.

To scan

  1. Place the document on the glass or in the document handler.
  2. Press the [Scanner] key.
  3. Make any desired scan setting changes. To keep file sizes small, the copier is defaulted to scan in black and white. If you want to scan in color, select [Scan Settings] located on the left of the screen. On the [Scan type] tab, select [Auto Color Select]. Under the other tabs under [Scan Settings], you can also change page size, scan quality, and more. Any changes you make will only apply to the current session. Once you log out, the copier will default back to normal settings.
  4. If desired, change the format for the scan. Scans default to PDF format. By selecting [Send File/Type Name] on the left of your screen, you can choose to make a .JPG or a .TIFF file. Again, these settings will stay in the unit until you log out of the copier.
  5. Ensure the [E-mail] tab is selected. The copier is connected to the Cedarville email server so that any address on campus can be found at the copier. The best business practice is to always scan to yourself and forward from there because the copier does not record proof that you sent a scan to someone.
  6. In the top middle of the screen, select [Search Destination].
  7. Ensure “Cedarnet” is highlighted, not “Address book.”
  8. If known, enter your name to search for an email address or simply enter your email address and then proceed to step 14. If unknown, proceed to step 9.
  9. From the bottom left, select [Advanced Search].
  10. From the bottom left, select [Last Name] and then your last name.
  11. From the top right, click [OK].
  12. From the bottom left, select [Start Search]. A list of email addresses will appear.
  13. Select the correct address.
  14. Press the green [Start] button. The copier will scan your documents and send them to the email you have selected.


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