Switch Between Open Windows/Applications

Switch Between Open Windows/Applications

Switch Between Active Applications

Clicking on your taskbar (the blue bar on your desktop that includes the Start button and shows all minimized/open windows) is the most obvious way of switching among active application, but you can also use a keyboard shortcut to get there:

  1. Press and hold the [Alt] key > Press the [Tab] key once.
  2. A box with icons representing all of the open applications will display.
  3. Keep the [Alt] key pressed down and continue to press the [Tab] key to switch between open applications.
  4. Release the [Alt] key when the icon you wish to open is highlighted in blue.

This is especially helpful when:

  1. You have so many applications open that they cannot all display on your task bar.
  2.  You are trying to switch back and forth between two different windows.

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