USB Drive Letter Assigner

USB Drive Letter Assigner

Sometimes a USB device does not map correctly when you plug it in, or the system assigns it a drive letter that conflicts with a Network drive.


If the University computer you are working on is a Dell computer (indicated by the silver Dell logo on the front of the case), please skip to the specific Dell instructions below.

All University Computers EXCEPT Dell Computers

To assign a letter drive to any device you insert into a USB port (e.g., flash drives, digital cameras, music players, etc.), follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the USB device.
  2. Go to [Start] > "All Programs" > "_CedarNet" > Choose "Network Utilities" > Choose "USB Drive Letter."
  3. A "USBLetter" dialog box will appear.
  4. You may accept the default drive letter (i.e., "U").
  5. Click [Accept].

Your USB drive is now mapped. To access your files, open My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Specific Instructions for Dell model University Computers

University Dell computers are equipped with four card reader drives, which slightly complicates this process.

  1. Open My Computer > Find the "Devices with Removable Storage" section > Write down the drive letters assigned to the four card drives (i.e., M, N, O, P). Leave out the DVD-RW Drive (D:).&
  2. Plug in the USB device.
  3. Go to [Start] > "All Programs" > "_CedarNet" >Select "Network Utilities" > Select "USB Drive Letter."
  4. A "USBLetter" dialog box appears.


    The box appears the first time because it is trying to assign a drive letter to the first card reader drive.

  5. Choose that drive letter that you wrote down in Step 1 (i.e., "M") from the list > Click the [Accept] button.
  6. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the remaining three card reader drives >Choose the drive you wrote down in Step 1 each time (i.e., "N", "O", "P").
  7. The 5th time the "USBLetter" dialog box appears, you are ready to assign a drive letter to your USB device.
  8. Either "E" or "U" are good choices for this letter.
  9. Click [Accept].

Your USB drive is now mapped. To access your files, open My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Please call the Computer Help line x8900 if you need further assistance.

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