Groupwise: Use GroupWise Sub-Calendars

GroupWise allows you to create one or more sub-calendars within your main GroupWise calendar (e.g., for Family, Classes, Events, Projects, etc.).

You can roll all of your sub-calendars up into your main calendar or view them individually (similar to a filter).  In addition, you can "share" one or more of the sub-calendars with other users on campus.

Create a new sub-calendar

  1. Open GroupWise.
  2. Right-click on the calendar icon in your folder list (located on the left-hand side of the screen).
  3. Choose the "New Calendar" option > Type a name for your sub-calendar (e.g., "Department Events").
  4. Press [Enter] to create the sub-calendar.

Choose a color for your sub-calendar

  • In GroupWise 8: Click the square icon to the left of the sub-calendar name > Choose a color from the display or click [More Colors...] 

View calendars and sub-calendars

  1. Click the checkbox next to any sub-calendar  to add the entries to your main calendar.
  2. Uncheck the sub-calendar check box to remove sub-calendar entries from your main calendar display.
  3. Drag and drop existing items from your main calendar to the appropriate sub-calendar to associate them with a sub-calendar.

Share a sub-calendar

  1. Right-click on the sub-calendar.
  2. In Groupwise 8, choose "Sharing..."
  3. Click the radio button labeled "Shared with"
  4. Indicate who has access to the calendar by typing their last name in the white box and then selecting them from the list.
  5. Click [OK].


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