Web: Wiki FAQ

Web: Wiki FAQ

What is a Wiki?

For the curious, the term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word for "quickly": http://www.gcn.com/print/25_25/41763-1.html.

Unlike most websites, which are administered by a single person, a wiki is a website that allows any user to add or remove information on a website, usually without having to register with the site.

A wiki can be an effective team tool as it allows people to collaborate on writing documents, and makes it easy to link between multiple pages.

Usually, all of the updates made to a wiki are logged and stored, so that users can reference changes (and authors) according to a selected timeframe. The revision history also allows users to undo changes if necessary.

Web Wiki Examples:

Cedarville University Wiki Examples:

Cedarville University has a wiki site where various departments use wikis to document departmental policies and procedures.

What are the disadvantages of a Wiki?

The quality of the information on a wiki site depends on the knowledge and integrity of the site's users. The owner of the site can designate people to help check the information posted on it.

Wiki users must learn the Wiki text markup language in order to begin creating layout and content. If two users try to edit the same page at the same time, problems can arise.

How do I get started with a Wiki?

If you need access to an existing Cedarville Wiki, or are interested in creating a new Cedarville Wiki, please submit a web request.

You can experiment with writing wiki pages at the Wikipedia Sandbox.

Getting Help

A separate tech help page addresses Wiki Structure in more detail.

The printable instructions included with this tech help page contain simple formatting explanations and examples.

Please contact information technology if you have additional questions about Wikis.


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