iTunes Resources: Move iTunes Music Library

Before proceeding, please read the warnings associated with storing your music and video files on a residence hall computer. 

You may choose to move your iTunes music library from your H drive to your C drive to free up space on your H drive for academic purposes. 

Move your iTunes Music Library

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Go to "Edit" > Select "Preferences."
  3. Select the "Advanced" tab.
  4. Click [Change] > Choose a folder on the C: drive to store your music.
  5. Check the "Keep iTunes Music Folder organized" box if you would like iTunes to automatically organize your music in the location you are moving it. 
  6. Click [OK].
  7. Click [Yes] to answer "Would you like iTunes to move & rename files...." 
  8. Go to "File" > "Library" > Select [Consolidate Library]. 

Your music should now be located on the C drive.  If you would like remove the music from your H drive, go to "My Computer," find the music folders on your H drive, and delete them. 

For additional iTunes information, see the iTunes Resources computer help page.

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